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Has your insurance company declared your car completely totaled? Call Palmetto Bay Collision Center today and let our experts tell you if we can save you money with our miraculous in-depth repairs!

Can A Totaled Car Be Repaired?

When they hear their car is totaled, most car owners believe they have no option but to scrap their existing set of wheels and buy a brand-new vehicle. But we’re here to tell you that this historically frightening phrase is not all doom and gloom.

When your insurance company says that your car is totaled, what they are really saying is that in their opinion, the damage to your car is more than what your car is worth.

At Palmetto Bay Collision Center, our 20 years of experience in high-quality auto repairs offer us a better understanding of how to repair damage to your car’s framework. This means that we might be able to save you the cost and hassle of buying a new car.

Bring in your car and let our experts take a look at the damage. You might just walk out with a great big smile on your face.

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Totaled does not need to mean irreparable

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How Do I know If the Framework Is Damaged?

Let’s say you’ve just been in a severe car crash and you’ve seen the front-end of your car fold up like an accordion. Does this mean that the framework is damaged?

Not necessarily! There are parts of your car called crumple zones that are designed to take the impact of the crash and prevent the damage from spreading to your vehicle’s framework.

However, if your mechanic starts mentioning terms like unirail, firewall, and rocker panel, you’ll know that the framework did not come out of the collision unscathed.

If that is the case, call Palmetto Bay Collision Center. Our extensive experience will be helpful in deciding whether your framework is salvageable or not.

We’ll let you know if your vehicle’s worth repairing

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Recovering from an accident? Let us handle the damages

The talented team at Palmetto Bay Collision Center guarantees immaculate bodywork repairs at affordable prices. Call now to get your free estimate or book an appointment.

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